Show Brags


Shelby has decided that it is more fun to twirl and dance than to be a serious show dog. He was shut out of any points do to his attempt to be a circus clown rather than a serious competitor. He soon may be retired from the show ring.


Olivia is improving every day. She still cannot win against May Day. At the Phoenix Show, she won her open class against  2 other girls on both days, and took a Reserve one of those days. She really perked up and showed well when my husband Brian handled her, causing the Judge to smile and award her the Reserve.


Telos finally earned his first Major in Phoenix. On the second day, he was handled by someone unfamiliar with his quirks, which caused Telos to have a mini meltdown.  We will have to wait and see how he does in Claremore

May Day-Huge Update

May Day finished her AKC title in Phoenix with 2 Winners Bitch awards. She successfully completed her title in only 5 shows earning a major in each one.

This page will be updated as we attend our shows.