Legacy Puppies Loved by Others

Multi CH Legacy's Play 'N' the Odds (Pepper)

"Thank you so much for this little princess that you and Adrianne  gave me. I'm totally fall in love for her. I've never seen such a loving  dog like her. "

D. Guimarães-Brazil

Legacy's Crown Jewel (Oskar)

"We are so happy to have Oskar in our lives"
C. Davis Kansas City 

Legacy's Domino Dancer (Coco)

"She is so precious. We bonded immediately"
A. Merrell-Dallas

Legacy's Semper Fi (Faye) and Legacy's Pistol Pete (Pistol)

"Faye is the star of her agility class. Pistol is a polite spectator. Nothing ruffles him"
E. and J. Jamison-Stillwater

Legacy's Chocolate Diamante (Carter)

"All the kids love and him..."
S. Francks-Houston 

Legacy's I Feel Electric (Tesla)

"Tessie is doing great and she is very smart and well behaved. She is a good companion dog and follows us everywhere."

J. Thakker-Dallas

Legacy's Beaux Oliveax (Beaux)

"We are having a great time with Beaux."
E and M Oliveaux-Dallas

Legacy's Captain Jack

"Jack is doing great, and enjoys defending the homestead from all  perceived invaders.  :-)  He is really a wonderful little guy!  We take him on all our family trips."
M.  Mohammadi-Texas

Legacy's Breakfast @ Tiffany's Briggsbe

"It's fun sharing with you because you get it--whatever "it" might be. A couple of nights ago after midnight Briggsbe awakened and waited at  the door to the living room. My husband opened it and Briggsbe trotted over to his toys. For one hour my husband watched him play by himself  without any interaction with us. Then Briggsbe walked back to bed and  slept the rest of the night. This was as remarkable as the time he  lined up his toys. We're all thoroughly convinced this pup thinks.".

L. Wood-Baton Rouge                       

Legacy's A Call to Arms (Gus)

 Gus is doing so great.  He is a joy to be around and our family is enjoying him so much.  He is a very smart guy and catches on quickly to commands and games.  Most of the time he goes along with us to practices, games, etc., he is easy going and he loves riding in the car.  We are loving him so much!!!! 

E. Zeka, Wichita, KS

Legacy's Pinot Noir

  • Crufts Qualifier from the puppy class

"It was a banner year"

M. Harvey England